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I Love Arc Boosts

I always liked the old web of MySpace, personal blogs, and Tumblr sites. It felt more human back then, more heartfelt. We kinda lost it along the way when the web has split into content creators and consumers.

Arc Boosts allow the end user to customize websites to their liking. It hits a nostalgic note with bleeding edge AI-powered editing features, but even its basic features like CSS editing are a nice tool for software engineers and designers.

Of course, in all browsers tech-savvy can already modify HTML and CSS in the DevTools, but your edits don’t save between reloads. It’s disputable if it’s more convenient than changing the source code with HMR/Fast Refresh. Boosts democratize tweaking websites. A non-technical marketing manager can now propose design changes with more accuracy than sending screenshots of competition’s apps on Slack.

It’s well known that short feedback foster productivity. Boosts shorten the feedback loop. Both for software professionals, and end-users, it’s a great feature. I love it, that’s all.