👋 Hello there. I’m Piotr MonwidOlechnowicz.

I build software while listening to lo-fi and city pop. I like coffee, typed FP, tabletop RPG, and my fiancée, who didn’t force me to write this. At all. I pride myself on my bad sense of humor.

I currently specialize in React and TypeScript, organize two tech meetups, and try to give back to FOSS as much as I can.

This is my personal space on the internet, where I write blog posts, collect things that influenced me, and comment on them. I learn in public.

Feel free to ping me on Twitter if you like (or hate) anything you read here.

My most recent post is "Building a Branded Styling DSL in TypeScript".

Personal Favorites

I gave a few talks. Matryoshka Code rant is probably the best one.